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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tourism Philippines

For you bloggers out there who  love to travel, I recommend for you guys to check out this site:

It's a simple site that gives you an idea on where to go if you're planning out of town trips, pictures of the beautiful places here in the Philippines (check out the pictures of the beaches!) and most importantly, where to look for cheap-finds for accomodations, dining, and where to have fun! Of course, if you're planning a vacation, you would like to spend the most out of it - without being expensive. It also gives you a heads up on those things that you need to look out for like overpriced cuisines and spots where you're not going to fully enjoy your stay. Check it out guys. It's really informative. You'll really find it useful. Cheers!


  1. thanks for the info!

    I'm done with the Friendship ChainHave a nice day!

  2. Hi dear!I've never been in Cebu, I hope makapunta kami.My sister told me how beautiful Cebu is,kaya nkaka excite puntahan!!!

    have a great weekend