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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stress Reliever...Worth The Read!

Hallu fellow bloggers! I just want to share something with you today that really made me laugh so hard! Enjoy!!!

YOU are the...

     apple of my eye,
     mango of my pie,
     palaman of my tinapay,
     keso of my monay,
     teeth of my suklay,
     fingers on my kamay,
     blood in my atay,
     bubbles of my laway,
     sala of my bahay,
     foundation of my tulay,
     seeds of my palay,
     clothes in my ukay-ukay,
     calcium in my kalansay,
     calamansi on my siomai,
     inay of my tatay,
     knot on my tie,
     toyo on my kuchay,
     vitamins in my gulay,
     airplane of my Cathay,
     stars of my sky,
     hammer of my panday,
     sand of my Boracay,
     sultan of my Brunei,
     highlands of my Tagaytay,
     mole on my Ate Guy,
     baba of my Ai-Ai,
     voice of my Inday Garutay,
     spinach of my Popeye,
     sizzle when I fry,
     wind when I paypay,
     tungkod when I'm pilay,
     feeling when I'm high,
     shoulder when I cry,
     wings when I fly,
     prize when I vie,
     cure to my "ARAY!",
     answer to my "WHY?",
     truth behind my lie,
     the life after I die...

    In short, you're the center of my buhay!

Can you imagine your hubbies saying this with feelings? Hahaha! I don't even wanna think about it! 
Corny na tao lang ang hindi matatawa. =P


  1. hi!!Love the palaman of my tinapay,tungkod when I'm pilay and cure to my "ARAY!" Classic pero patok parin sa mga nag liligawan. Wahoo..

    Check my site,your in sis!!!

  2. Hello Mommy Beth,I just came home & drop by here to grab my award na ..big grin!
    Btw,mababaw lang ako & it really made me lol
    Thanks for sharing this!hugs & take care still!

  3. Btw!!If you are not busy, I have an award for you hope you will grab it ha!!! here...

  4. hahaha love it too it was funny joke poem ha ha

  5. This is so funny it made me laugh! Hahaha,san mo nakuha ito?

  6. very funny! i started laughing from the 3rd line hehe

  7. That's so funny. Thanks for sharing.

  8. in tawa ako hahahaha, sana ma intidihan ng hubby ko yan e -email ko sana sa kanya. ang galing naman nyan tokayo...2 thumbs up ako talaga!