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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Danny Gokey - Out!

I'm an avid viewer of American Idol and as much as possible, I wouldn't want to miss a show. But last night, was one of the worst episodes for me. My bet, my favorite, my idol Danny Gokey had to take his final bow. Waaaaaaaa!!! I really love his voice since it's so...let's say UNIQUE. I remembered him singing Endless Love, I almost cried! Because when he sang the last line, he looked up as if singing for his wife. Yeah...his wife actually died and never got the chance to see him perform and fulfill his dream. However, I'm sure that even if he's already out of the AI competition, he'll have offers to create an album and share his wonderful blessing once more to his fans...Like me. =)


  1. Am also saddened when Danny was voted out. Although I'm not really crazy about him, kakahinayang pa rin. My heart goes out to him when he sang that song, he loves his late wife that much. I think it was his wife who really encouraged him to join the contest.

  2. Yeah but my bet is Adam Lambert.He is talented Like Charice. Can sing any kinds of songs.

  3. gusto ko rin manalo si Adam...i begin to like him when he sang 'if i can't have you' :)