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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Beauty of Sapphire

I'm not a big fan of jewelries but I'm somewhat drawn to them because when you look at the stones, it never seem to fail to amaze people by its simplicity, elegance, and beauty altogether. Especially for us women, whether we deny it or not, one way or another, we do admire those gemstones. Speaking of stones, since I was born in the month of September, my birthstone is Sapphire. I actually found out that Sapphire is a symbol for truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. 

Most people believe that the only color of Sapphire is blue. But if you'll dig further, there are more colors for the Sapphire gemstone. It can be found in shades of white, purple, gray, yellow, pink, and would you believe, even orange? One of the rarest Sapphires is the star sapphire. It is prized because of its silver-toned, cross shaped impurity that resembles a star. Sapphire’s quality is based on its color and contrary to popular belief, it is not the deepest blue shade of Sapphire that is most desirable but rather a medium shade. 

Ancient people believed that the reflection of the sky is from a huge Sapphire and that Earth is suspended in the middle of that huge stone. Well why not? If you use your imagination, Sapphire can indeed represent the color of the sky with its vivid and intense shade.

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