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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Been Busy...

I'm really sorry fellow bloggers. I wasn't able to post new entries and visit your sites. I've been busy taking care of our new angel plus, I'm still recovering from my operation. It's really hard when you gave birth thru a cesarean section. I can tell the difference. With my first born, I had a normal delivery. After about a week, I'm already A-ok. But now, it's really hard to recover. There are still instances that I can't move freely because the operation hurts, and since I'm super conscious about the operation, I'm afraid to move normally because there's this feeling that my operation might open or something, even though I know that's impossible. This has been very hard for me. But I will try to post and visit you guys at least once a week. Cheers! =)


  1. Get well Beth. Sige lang, take your time. You have to attend to your newborn baby's needs. See you around. :-)

  2. take your time my dear..we'll not forget u...take care......

  3. Yes, I agree with above comments... take your time. We'll all be here around for when you do find the time. Take care of you and that precious baby boy!