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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Every Saturday at LighteningOnline is “Smiley Saturday”. Why? Because Lightening likes to make people smile.
This is a game that everyone can play.
Write your Smiley Saturday post - smiling is the theme. How you interpret that is up to you.
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My Night-Out Girlfriends

Sofie, Me, Lei

I've been away from the night-life scene for a long time now. Before, almost every weekend, I can be seen at bars in Timog and Makati here in the Philippines. But since I needed real work, I had to stop going to "gimiks" because my work is during the night and when I don't have work, I'd rather just be at home and rest. But today, my night-out girlfriends made me smile because I was able to talk to them thru chat after how many months! It seems like we haven't seen each other for years! I really missed them. But I don't think I'll be going back to my night life before since I have more responsibilities and obligations now. But my girlfriends sure made me smile today!

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Keep on smiling!


  1. What a sweet smile you have here ladys!Stunning!
    How's your trip anyway?
    Hindi ka ba napagod?

  2. Hi Beth,
    Catching up with friends is a great reason to smile. :) Happy Smiley Saturday and thanks for joining us. :)

  3. I'm not big into night life either. Actually, I haven't been for years and years. Kinda hard for me after my kiddos came into the picture.

    Super fabulous photo! Such beautiful smiles from beautiful girls!