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Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Gifts for Children

Aside from me, I have four other siblings and all of them already has their own families and their own kids as well. As of the moment, my Mom has 11 grandchildren and most of them are in their toddler stages. So when it comes to gift-giving (since almost each month someone will celebrate his birthday), it's really hard to think it over. However, I came across toddler nap mats which will be perfect for my brother's kids since he has 4 kids. And did I mention that all of them are boys? It's also convenient for my brother's kids because he can easily stack the mats anywhere. For my sister's one and only daughter (she has 3 kids by the way),  these cool personalized towel wraps will suit her. It comes in different stylish colors and you can even request for an embroidery at a very low price. And lastly, for my other sister's boys, colorful and stylish plates and placemats for children will be best for them since they love eating so much. Good thing about these fun products is, you can somehow personalize them and they're really affordable too!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Awards!

I was surprised when I found out that 2 of my fellow bloggers gave me awards! Thanks to Mami Yami of Mom Writes For A Cause and Mami Laine of Laine's Abode for these awards. Mwuahugs!

Been Busy...

I'm really sorry fellow bloggers. I wasn't able to post new entries and visit your sites. I've been busy taking care of our new angel plus, I'm still recovering from my operation. It's really hard when you gave birth thru a cesarean section. I can tell the difference. With my first born, I had a normal delivery. After about a week, I'm already A-ok. But now, it's really hard to recover. There are still instances that I can't move freely because the operation hurts, and since I'm super conscious about the operation, I'm afraid to move normally because there's this feeling that my operation might open or something, even though I know that's impossible. This has been very hard for me. But I will try to post and visit you guys at least once a week. Cheers! =)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mommy Moments - Grandparents Bonding

mommy moments

This week's Mommy Moments is all about the kids' time with their grandparents. Since I live with my Mom, it's not really a problem for my kids to bond with their GrandMa. Yup, kids na! My newborn already has a picture with my Mom. Enjoy guys! =)

My Mom, Lance, and his cousin Ryan, this was Lance's first swimming session

my favorite picture!

this was taken at SM Fairview, just a trip to the mall

first picture of my Mom and Malcolm at the hospital

Meet Malcolm Benjamin Moreno

Hey fellow bloggers! I'm really sorry I wasn't able to go online for a couple of days...I guess some of you already know why. I already gave birth! Our new baby boy was delivered May 18th, 2009 at 11:40 AM. God, after almost 24 hours of labor, we finally made it. So here's a picture of our new angel, Malcolm Benjamin Moreno.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tourism Philippines

For you bloggers out there who  love to travel, I recommend for you guys to check out this site:

It's a simple site that gives you an idea on where to go if you're planning out of town trips, pictures of the beautiful places here in the Philippines (check out the pictures of the beaches!) and most importantly, where to look for cheap-finds for accomodations, dining, and where to have fun! Of course, if you're planning a vacation, you would like to spend the most out of it - without being expensive. It also gives you a heads up on those things that you need to look out for like overpriced cuisines and spots where you're not going to fully enjoy your stay. Check it out guys. It's really informative. You'll really find it useful. Cheers!

Danny Gokey - Out!

I'm an avid viewer of American Idol and as much as possible, I wouldn't want to miss a show. But last night, was one of the worst episodes for me. My bet, my favorite, my idol Danny Gokey had to take his final bow. Waaaaaaaa!!! I really love his voice since it's so...let's say UNIQUE. I remembered him singing Endless Love, I almost cried! Because when he sang the last line, he looked up as if singing for his wife. Yeah...his wife actually died and never got the chance to see him perform and fulfill his dream. However, I'm sure that even if he's already out of the AI competition, he'll have offers to create an album and share his wonderful blessing once more to his fans...Like me. =)

Mommy Moments - Silly Moments

mommy moments

I love this week's theme. My son, Lance, loves to pose for the camera so he really has a lot of silly moments. I posted my favorites. Enjoy fellow mommy bloggers! =)

open wide!!!

what's with the mouth? haha!

look at my maskels!!! err...guitar strings pala...=P

do you know who you're dealing with? punk?!

at market! market! during my hubby's bday celebration

having fun after his 7th birthday

during his 7th birthday with his classmates

his 1st field trip during his nursery years.

Friendship Chain

~~Begin Copy~~

This is the easy way and the fastest way to :1. Make your Authority Technorati explode. 2. Increase your Google Page Rank. 3. Get more traffic to your blog. 4. Makes more new friends.

Rules :

1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.

~~End Copy~~

Now, I'm passing this on to my sister, Ate Bing of My Treasures, Ate Jade of Everyday Jade, Mami Dhemz of My Life's Perception and Inspiration, Betchay of The Open Book of My Life, Mami Cecile of Small and Simple Things, Mami Seiko of Seiko's Diary, Pehpot of Make or Break, PrettyMom of Deeply Inlove, Mami Hazel of Delineating Des, and Genejosh of Her and History.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


To all my fellow bloggers, I would like to share with you a performance where my hubby starred as Timone...yeah! Lion King broadway baby! He's the one on the furry outfit that looks like a...uhm..not sure...a bear? A hamster? Haha! You be the judge! This was part of our company's Christmas Party 2008. He's a great singer. See for yourselves. =)

Oh, and did I mention that they won 80K for this? I posted 2 videos uploaded by our fellow colleagues who patiently recorded the performace despite the noise (lots of it!). Enjoy guys!


I had my weekly pre-natal checkup yesterday and my Ob-Gyne said that I'm already at 38 weeks. For women who already gave birth, I know you're aware of the term "IE" where the doctor will check your cervical opening. And guess what? My doctor said I'm already at 1 cm! Meaning, my cervix is already opening and soon, our new baby boy will be out! However, my doctor didn't want to induce me yet since I still have time before I reach 40 weeks. My doctor just said that I need to walk and walk to help enlarge the opening. And since that's the case, I can still watch Angels and Demons tomorrow! Yey! I'm so looking forward to this movie since I love the book so much. My doctor also said that just in case I'm not giving birth this week, definitely the latest will be next week. I'll be back on Monday for my next checkup.

So just a heads up fellow bloggers, if I won't be able to post anything, or visit your blogs for a couple of already know why! Because my next post will be the picture of our new angel. =)

Something to think about...

A thought that I want to share to everyone...

"90 people get the swine flu and everybody wants to wear a mask. A million have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom."

Sometimes, I can't believe that people are crazy when it comes to logical thinking. Swine flu was just recently detected and not even that big of a threat to our society (or so I think...) but people are already panicking, wearing masks, asking their doctors for vaccines so they can prevent it but then again, come on!

AIDS has long been a circulating virus to our society. You can see a lot of advertisements on television, in the newspapers, and of course, the ever-reliable internet. People are well-informed and well-educated on how you can get infected and how to prevent it. But still, something as simple as wearing a condom for protection is not being followed. AIDS is a worldwide threat but it seems like people don't care. All they care about is the "craving" part, not minding the consequences. Even children are affected (and worse, infected!) because of their parents' negligence for protection.

We have long been informed about AIDS. I just hope that, if people can do preventions for some flu that seems to be curable, they can do the same to prevent AIDS from spreading as well.

I value life a lot. I hope you do too.

You Don't Say? (Super Comments Award)

Thanks Mami Seiko for this new award! I'm really sooooooooooo touched!
And now I'm passing this on to Pehpot since currently she's my top commenter...others that I want to give this award to already received it. Congrats to us all bloggers! =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day To All!!!

I know it's late...I wasn't able to go online...But as they say...better late than never! So...

spread art from rainedrops©

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blogging for a Cause

I am new at the blogging world and I am really enjoying it! But the thing is, aside from sharing my life's experiences to other bloggers, I just found out that you can get paid to post! Since I'm a mom and a wife, I have to think of other ways to earn money, especially now that we'll be having our 2nd kid anytime soon. I came across this what they call "blog-vertise" site called and they really have very great offers! I started blogging only April of this year and my sister said that normally, before I try to sign up on the sites that gives opportunities for you to post an entry and get paid for it, my blog needs to be about 3 months old and a page rank is really, really a critical part of the requirements. But guess what? With, you don't need a page rank at all to get approved! It is so simple and easy and it only took me 2 days to wait for their approval!

It's also important for new bloggers like me to know what a blog is to learn how it works, what are the essentials, things that should not be posted, things that are safe to post...and so on. There's so much to learn! I'm pregnant right now and not really working, one of the reasons as well why I opted to blog and earn from it. I'm the kind of person who loves writing so much and I know that I'll be enjoying my stay in the blogging community. It's also fun to meet new people who also love to share their experiences to other bloggers.

With, all you need is a blog, your paypal account, and sincerity in writing! They will also pay you directly on your PayPal account every 1st of the month and they even give you bonuses so long as you have a great post! Again, so plain and simple. Why not try it today? I definitely encourage bloggers like me to jump in and join the wagon!

The Beauty of Sapphire

I'm not a big fan of jewelries but I'm somewhat drawn to them because when you look at the stones, it never seem to fail to amaze people by its simplicity, elegance, and beauty altogether. Especially for us women, whether we deny it or not, one way or another, we do admire those gemstones. Speaking of stones, since I was born in the month of September, my birthstone is Sapphire. I actually found out that Sapphire is a symbol for truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. 

Most people believe that the only color of Sapphire is blue. But if you'll dig further, there are more colors for the Sapphire gemstone. It can be found in shades of white, purple, gray, yellow, pink, and would you believe, even orange? One of the rarest Sapphires is the star sapphire. It is prized because of its silver-toned, cross shaped impurity that resembles a star. Sapphire’s quality is based on its color and contrary to popular belief, it is not the deepest blue shade of Sapphire that is most desirable but rather a medium shade. 

Ancient people believed that the reflection of the sky is from a huge Sapphire and that Earth is suspended in the middle of that huge stone. Well why not? If you use your imagination, Sapphire can indeed represent the color of the sky with its vivid and intense shade.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Tag

Since it's Mother's Day, I want to dedicate this post to my Mom. I'm the youngest in our family and also, the only one who became a young mom. I gave birth at an early age, 18 to be exact. I was able to go thru all those difficult times because my Mom never left my side. You'll notice in the slide show that I made that most of the pictures are of my Mom and Lance since they're very, very close. And I'm so thankful for her for helping me raise my kid in every aspect. She was the one who majorly contributed to my son's growth. I owe a lot to her. So, Mom, this is for you! I hope you like it.  =)

This tag is courtesy of Mami Hazel and Genejosh. Thanks guys!

I noticed most mommy bloggers in my blog list were already tagged for this post so, now I'll be tagging my sister, Ate Bing, for this.

Here's a simple rule to make this activity even more fun: create you own scrapbook, post it on your blog, tag all moms that you know, and link the person who tagged you. Happy Mother's Day, Moms!

Mommy Moments - Happy Mommy Moments!!!

mommy moments

Lance and I have so many, many, many photos! So I just decided to create a little compilation of my most favorite moments with him. Enjoy! =)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Over The Top Award!!!

I got this award from Mommy Jac. Thank you so so much! I've got 3 awards na! Yey!

Each recipient of the award will acknowledge the person who honored them with the award and then go to Over The Top Aprons, copy/paste the award : Your Blog is Over The Top. (located on the right sidebar, scroll down)

And I am passing this award to ALL mommies out there!!! I love you all! Mwuahugs!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stress Reliever...Worth The Read!

Hallu fellow bloggers! I just want to share something with you today that really made me laugh so hard! Enjoy!!!

YOU are the...

     apple of my eye,
     mango of my pie,
     palaman of my tinapay,
     keso of my monay,
     teeth of my suklay,
     fingers on my kamay,
     blood in my atay,
     bubbles of my laway,
     sala of my bahay,
     foundation of my tulay,
     seeds of my palay,
     clothes in my ukay-ukay,
     calcium in my kalansay,
     calamansi on my siomai,
     inay of my tatay,
     knot on my tie,
     toyo on my kuchay,
     vitamins in my gulay,
     airplane of my Cathay,
     stars of my sky,
     hammer of my panday,
     sand of my Boracay,
     sultan of my Brunei,
     highlands of my Tagaytay,
     mole on my Ate Guy,
     baba of my Ai-Ai,
     voice of my Inday Garutay,
     spinach of my Popeye,
     sizzle when I fry,
     wind when I paypay,
     tungkod when I'm pilay,
     feeling when I'm high,
     shoulder when I cry,
     wings when I fly,
     prize when I vie,
     cure to my "ARAY!",
     answer to my "WHY?",
     truth behind my lie,
     the life after I die...

    In short, you're the center of my buhay!

Can you imagine your hubbies saying this with feelings? Hahaha! I don't even wanna think about it! 
Corny na tao lang ang hindi matatawa. =P