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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mommy Moments - Grandparents Bonding

mommy moments

This week's Mommy Moments is all about the kids' time with their grandparents. Since I live with my Mom, it's not really a problem for my kids to bond with their GrandMa. Yup, kids na! My newborn already has a picture with my Mom. Enjoy guys! =)

My Mom, Lance, and his cousin Ryan, this was Lance's first swimming session

my favorite picture!

this was taken at SM Fairview, just a trip to the mall

first picture of my Mom and Malcolm at the hospital


  1. its great that you are able to capture so many wonderful moments of your kids and their grandma! by the way, thanks for taking the time to join us this week... :D

  2. Great-bonding time with lola. Must be the proudest Lola ever! :)

    Hi. may time ka na to blog. May more than 2 mos ka pang vacation niyan to enjoy your baby and your other son, too. :)

  3. Nice pictures taken, love them; thanks for sharing!

    mine is here:

  4. they so sweet to each other. :)

  5. wonderful bonding moments with lola.Nice photos mommy thank you for sharing=)

  6. Infant pa lang sya but then kita agad ang kagwapuhan.Nice bonding w/ granny nakakatuwang tingnan.Thanks for informing me Beth 'm really happy for you!Congrats!
    My hugs & kisses to baby Malcolm!

  7. Eh kasi naman po wala akong pics ni Mama dito sa laptop ko nandun sa pc ko sa BLS.... eh bat ikaw wala kang pic ng byenan mo aber? hehehe....

  8. What a proud lola!!Your kids must be lucky to have a cool Lola!!^_^
    Thanks for sharing!
    here's mine:

  9. Ang cute ng maglola! Thanks for sharing these nice photos! I hope we can also exchange links. Thanks!