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Monday, April 13, 2009


This is the first picture of my 2nd baby boy. We aren't actually sure yet what we're going to call him but one of the names will be "Benjamin" since my first born's 2nd name IS Benjamin also. We're planning on naming him "Malcolm" but it's not yet final.

I can't believe that I was able to conceive my 2 beautiful miracles in life. Being a mom is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a woman. I know most moms will agree with me. Being able to set eyes on your baby for the first time is a feeling that can't be explained and can't be compared to anything in the world. We are all so excited to see him! Anytime soon baby...anytime soon...=)

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  1. Hi Beth. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always a pleasure to meet new people through blogging.

    Congratulations! Every child is a great blessing. I'm sure your son is excited to be a kuya. May you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Take care.