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Saturday, April 25, 2009



Every Saturday at LighteningOnline is “Smiley Saturday”. Why? Because Lightening likes to make people smile.
This is game that everyone can play.
Write you Smiley Saturday post - smiling is the theme. How you interpret that is up to you.
Link back to Lightening Online so people can find where Smiley Saturday is.


This is the first time that I'll join Smiley Saturday and I'm so excited to share what made me smile! It was the day of my wedding and I can't forget my wedding cake! It was so memorable for me because it was my Mom's gift. Thanks Mama! Most of the guests actually made comments that it looked so nice and perfect, and delicious as well! All of them were right. It was very plain and simple. It actually had 74 little cupcakes and the base was the cake itself. I know our guests enjoyed it so much! Some of them actually had more than 1 cupcake. Haha! =)

To join Smiley Saturday, click here.

Keep on smiling!


  1. lovely cake and unconventional too.. :)

  2. Hi Beth,
    It's lovely to have you joining us in Smiley Saturday. :) The wedding cake looks awesome and a great smiley memory.

  3. You're absolutely right Beth!Either I,the glimps of smile on my face appear the moment 'd seen & read this.Keep smiling!

  4. wow! looks beautiful AND delicious! :) made me smile too.

    thanks for dropping by my site :)