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Friday, April 10, 2009

a brand new start


Although it seems like it's kind of late for me to post new beginnings for the new year, for me it doesn't matter. Having new things in your life doesn't have a specific time in a year. New beginnings are always wonderful because it's a sign that the past has been left behind but not really forgotten. The past will always remain there, as a lesson, not as something that should be buried. Painful though it may seem, we have to look forward to a good future, and that's something that I'm proud to share that I have accomplished.

I just got married this year. After how many years of waiting for the right one to come along, he finally arrived. Honestly, we haven't known each other for like "forever" like what other couples are but it's something really magical with him, something really unexplainable, and I know that marrying him is something that I will never regret. This is one decision that I'm proud of. A decision that I know is right for a change.

Another thing that's new is I'm going to have my 2nd baby boy. I'll be expecting this May. And we can't wait! I was a single mom and I had a boy as well. My first born is so excited because he always wanted to have a baby brother. And now his wish came true at last! But sometimes I'm kind of scared because it seems like this is my first time to give birth. The last time I gave birth was almost 8 years ago! I actually had to stop working because of some complications that could be bad for the baby. So there you go, another "something new" in my life, no work.

Lastly, this new step isn't for me but for my first born, Lance. He just finished his preparatory level with high honors! He was actually a Salutatorian and we're all so proud of him! By next school year, he'll be on a new level and I know he'll do well in school again. Speaking of school, he's also excited for his baby brother to go to school with him.

The past events has been very overwhelming for me. Sometimes I cry because I'm so happy. Yes, there are tough times because for every new thing in your life, there will always be adjustments. But still, those aren't hindrances to happy beginnings but it's God's means of saying that He's giving those obstacles for you to be stronger, for you to appreciate the bitterness of life.

I quote this from one of my previous personal journals that I want to share...

"Difficulties were experienced but they were most cherished because those were the times that I realized that no one will be able to taste the true taste of sweetness unless they’ve been dipped in the most sour part of life. Challenges were also hindrances but they served as the gateway to becoming a success. Closed eyes were opened to see the true beauty of pain and the evils of hypocritical pleasure. Wounds were cut deep and the scar left made its mark as a reminder to put more attention on the things and persons closest to us for they’re the ones who we hurt the most. Lost time was asked to be taken back only to realize that even if we try, will be impossible. God can’t change the past either. No matter how many tears we cried."

I always take note of this entry. We struggle but we must learn to survive to appreciate life's lessons. Again, every new beginning will always have its challenges. At the end of the day, after all the suffering, there's always the rewards of blissful moments.


  1. At last! hahaha.... well good luck sis, sana inspired ka lagi to write new posts. Welcome to the blogging world and have fun!

  2. Sounds like you have many wonderful blessings to be grateful for.

    Like what Bing said, welcome to the blogging world.