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Monday, April 20, 2009

An Inspirational Book

When I got married, one of my colleagues gave us a gift. It was a simple book entitled "Happily Married for Life: 60 tips for a fun, growing relationship" by Dr. Larry Koenig. As I've said before, it is very simple. Since I'm new to the "marriage world", I know I need all the advices and help that I can from other people already married -- and from books as well. I haven't actually finished the book yet but it's actually a fun read. It gives you tips on how to handle day-to-day basics from the moment you get married. Dr. Koenig actually researched these ideas on different couples to see what's working or not for the marriage itself. The book gives you insight on how to handle stress, how to "fall in love all over again", how to handle money matters. It also gives you "Love Potion" tips on what you can do for your partner, be it a simple letter that you insert in his/her wallet, just to let him/her know that you always think of your partner, tips on how to spend your evenings alone with each other, what is and what is not considered "quality time", and a lot of things.

I know that books and people giving out advices will just give me an insight on what to prepare for and expect when it comes to married life. But as they say, nothing beats first-hand experience. I'm just starting and still on that what they call "the honeymoon stage" and sooner or later, I will experience the same problems that most couples face. But, so long as you guys face the future hand in hand, and so long as couples don't forget their prayers, I know that those obstacles won't get in the way of one's marriage.

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