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Monday, April 27, 2009

Missing Him...=(

I'm just thinking, this is part of my pregnancy. You know the "KSP" stage when you're pregnant? Or maybe I'm just new to this marriage world and I'm just at home that's why sometimes I feel left out. Before, my hubby and I ALWAYS go to work together...we go home together...basically we do everything together. But because of the recent turn of events which are: (1) I got out of the hospital days before our wedding because I had premature contractions, (2) I needed to file a Leave-Of-Absence from work since I needed complete bed rest to avoid further spotting, and (3) my hubby got promoted and is SOOOOOOOOOOO busy after after all these, I'm always left at home. I really miss him. And I know sometimes he visits my blog when he has the time when he's at the office (sana!).

Beh...If you're reading this, I want you to know that I'm missing you every single minute that I'm not with you and I hope that in everything you do, I'm always on your mind. I know this is tough for us since you have to work alone for now and the times we spend together is really minimal compared before, but I know that we'll get through this. Just don't forget that I love you so much and I'm so excited for us since I'll be giving birth to your son anytime soon! I really miss you so much that's why when we're together, I cherish every moment that I'm with you. =)

Share ko lang...hahaha! =)


  1. wow ang sweet mo naman...ganyan talaga ang buntis..may "KSP" time..sarap kasi pagpinapansin ni hubby..he..he..hope you're well and fine with your baby....take care friend...

  2. wow i can totally relate..i'm a young mom myself..wish you best of luck with your pregnancy! :)

  3. haha, may ganun moment, nakalimutan ko na yata to, when I was pregnant with my kids, ang naalala ko lang suka at suka at suka.. waaahh

    naku kailan ba due mo? sana nga at makapanood ka pa bago ka manganak :) sana May baby para parehas ni Chico hihi.. san kayo manonood?

  4. Most pregnant mom experiences a what we so-called "Maternity Blue" and that's natural...please take care of yourself on the way ka na pala...grin!
    Congrats & God Bless!!

  5. Sweet naman ;) You're pregnant pala...take good care of yourself ; ) God Bless!

  6. awwww. lalo na pagkapanganak mo, gustuhin mo man sumama, iwan ka, gustohin mo man makipagkwentuhan, magpapatulog ka naman. wahhhh!!!