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Thursday, April 30, 2009

For This Friday's Mommy Moments...=(

Hallu fellow mommies...for this Friday's Mommy Moments, I may not be able to join because we'll be going out of town. Yey!!! We're going to Laguna to celebrate my Mom's and Tita's birthday. Both of them will be celebrating this May so...since May 1st is a holiday, it'll be the best time for us to get that bonding moment. But I'll try to post one once we get back. Better late than never! And I'll be visiting your entries as well also...

See yah!!! Mwuah!!!


  1. ok ...enjoy your visit to Laguna...take care

  2. Enjoy your stay in Laguna & do take care too!!
    Happy B-Day to your Mom & Aunt !big grin!

  3. lakwatserang buntis! pinayagan lang ng OB, inabuso naman hehee. Happy birthday kay Tita Emma!

  4. Enjoy your visit to Laguna!!Happy birthday to your Mom and your Tita!Best wishes!